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Injection Mould Tooling From The CHINA's Expert,Powerfulsky Mould

As the premier injection moulding company,we are experts in the design and manufacture of precision injection mould tooling and molded customized plastic parts. Providing solutions right from initial design and development through to manufacture for new product. Powerfulsky Mould was established in 2009,located Shen Zhen,China,has its own factory of 4000 square meters,that offers precision injection molding and packaged in-house product from start to finish.


We employ a highly skilled and professional work force,with extensive background in injection mould tooling,design and automation and we take great care to ensure that we develop continuously the skills and knowledge of all the Powerfulsky Mould team,to deliver the right solution for all our customers using modern manufacturing methods.

Standing At The Forefront Of Injection Mould Tooling And Moulding For More Than 12 Years


From our state-of-the-art factory in Shen Zhen,China,Powerfulsky Mould offers the latest in precision engineered technology,with a wide range of services for our customers,including:

●Injection Molding Prototype Design

●Rapid Prototyping

●Mold Tool Design

●Tool Making

●Injection Molding

●Assembly- Secondary Processing

●Ultrasonic Welding



We provide precision injection molding solutions for major global brands including supermarkets,cosmetics and electronic companies,and bring over 12 years of global engineering experience,using state-of-the-art techniques to the manufacture of your product.

We work closely with our customers at every stage of the process,from initial Computer Aided Design and mould tool design through to manufacture,using high quality injection mouldings to deliver an integrated service tailored to their needs.

We are sure that you will find all the information you need about the wide range of precision injection moulding services we offer,however please feel free to contact us for further details.



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