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High Temperature PEEK Parts Mold

The quotation will be based on the real samples, part drawings, PowerfulSky Mould will satisfies you both in quality and price.

PowerfulSky Mould produces various kinds of plastic injection molds according to different customer’s requirements. we can assemble the final products too.

The quotation will be based on the real samples, part drawings, PowerfulSky Mould will satisfies you both in quality and price.


     High temperature PEEK/PEI Mold


Depends on customer provided 2D and 3D drawings

Number of Cavities

Multi Cavity


Mold for special material, PEEK, PEI etc, high temperature and high performance.


Qtys depends on the clients’ requests


Epson, Brother, Sony, Tyco, Audi, Honda, Toyota and Flextronics, Xerox, HP, JST, Kyocera, Panasonic, BMW, Sanyo, ZTW

Normal Mould Details


Prototype mold and Production injection mold


Hasco, DME, LKM, FUTABA etc.

Cavity/Core material

1.2343, 1.2311, SKD61, S136, NAK80, H13,718H,P20 etc.

Runner and Brand

Cold runner/Hot runner (Mold Master, YUDO, INCOE, HUSKY, MOLD-TIP etc.

Cycle life

100k~1million shots


One stop service

Design- Mockup- Mass Production- Assembly


CAD/CAM technical platform and perfect engineering data switching system which enable us to have elastic choices to offer service to our customers.
UG 4.0, DXF, DWF, PRT, SAT, IGES or STE format for mold design and layout

Mockup/ Prototyping

Rapid laser mockup / CNC mockup


3D Print / CNC Prototyping, production mold making, plastic parts molding


Latest precise detecting instruments
Trained and skilled inspectors
Timely feedback to manufacturing department
High yield rate and timely delivery


FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS or by sea etc.


Q: What is the lead time of the mold?

A: It will take about 20-35days.

Q: I have a new project, but not sure if it can be manufactured.Can you help me?  

A: Yes we will ask engineers help to checking the constructions and technologies first. 

Q: Can I make a prototype before go ahead molds manufacturing?

A: Yes, we will suggest you choose the suitable method for rapid prototyping. 

Q: Will you charge us for the mould modify?

A: Mold modify is free, but first we will help update the drawings before make molds.

Q: How about the property for the mold?

A: For customized molds we treat it as customer-owned moulds, you can move it away if you need. 

Q: What file format you can use of the drawings?

A: DWG, IGES, STP etc.  

Q: What material is best for my product?

A: It depends on the part and what its function.We are happy to discuss the alternative options and offer suggestions.

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